Electrostatic spraying

Electrostatic spraying have been shown to be highly effective in the control of COVID-19. An Electrostatic Sprayer uses a liquid solution and disperses it as an aerosol mist composed of positively charged disinfectant droplets. These droplets electromagnetically attach to surfaces and envelop target objects, meaning all sides can receive the disinfectant, not just the side facing the sprayer. Because the particles are positively charged, they repel against surfaces that have been previously sprayed, resulting in even coverage of the disinfectant.

Electrostatic Sprayers can bring advanced technology to more efficiently disinfect your facility.

In addition, Electrostatic Sprayers are equipped to dispense disinfectants approved by the EPA for use in combatting the Coronavirus.

Now more than ever, it is important to keep your environment safe. Sanitizing and disinfecting your business on a regular basis can go a long way to ensure you protect valued customers and employees.

As occupants return to facilities, they’ll want to know about what you’re doing to protect their health and promote healthy social practices.

Build trust that it's safe to return to your space

GreenClean Team

Green Clean Team has all the tools, training, and talent to make a difference in your facilities.

When you bring the GreenClean Team into your facilities, you’re bringing in a visible, trustworthy, and reassuring solution for building and occupant wellness. From cleaning and disinfection throughout the day, to official uniforms, to occupant signage detailing what they can do to help everyone stay healthy together.

Care for healthy spaces and places that are important to you!
Thank you to all those helping battle the coronavirus.

Even as a crisis drives us apart, we heal by coming together.

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